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Payment Gateway Services

    Individuals and companies make many different types of payments to service providers or merchandisers. Some of these payments are done on a recurring basis. This is where noqodi Payment Gateway and Financial Services can help in eliminating the difficulties of these physical payments.

    noqodi provides secure electronic payment services for all types of consumers through several channels available to collect payments.

    To enjoy the benefits simply register with noqodi and start making electronic payments for the available services. You can also set up standing instructions to pay to the known utility and other service companies.


  • Instant Access
    Using noqodi, you get instant access to a number of multiple payment services and channels.
  • Financial Management
    You can manage your finances in a cost effective and efficient way.
  • Cost reduction
    Increases your saving by reducing your functioning cost.
  • Increased Security
    Secure and efficient payment options.
  • Real Time Reports
    Real time reconciliation and settlement online reports.

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