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Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payments (EIPP)

    noqodi provides merchants with Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP) services which enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs, and ensure quicker collections.

    noqodi can be programmed to collect payments for any product owner or service provider though many available channels.


  • Improved Customer Service
    This facility greatly enhances customer service experience for the customers.
  • Delivery Power Leveraged
    Leverage the delivery power of the Internet.
  • Enhanced Experience
    Have an opportunity to touch customers in a new medium.
  • One-to-One Opportunity
    Create one-to-one marketing opportunities.
  • ROI Improvement
    Achieve rapid return on investment (ROI) and sustainable cost savings.
  • System Integration
    Integrate with existing automated billing and payment functions.
  • Reduced Cost
    Reduce billing and payments processing expenses.
  • Recurring Customer
    Customers come again and again to you through this system.
  • Cash Flow Improvement
    This system reduces cost and improves cash flow.
  • Reduced Carbon footprint
    enhances environmental credentials.
  • Reduced Payment Cycle
    Dramatically reduce the payment cycle and improve cash flow.

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