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Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments (EBPP)

    noqodi Payment Gateway and Financial Services provide a number of electronic payment services to facilitate the consumer and suppliers both. Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) is one of these. This is well designed and comprehensive solution for the customer enhancing his experience and at the same time reducing the overall operational cost for a quicker payment.

    EBPP enables noqodi to offer government, telecommunication, and medical industries with a value added service for electronic payments and collections. Automate and process recurring billing using our services.


  • Total Control
    As a consumer you have total control over timing and payment amount.
  • Cost Saving
    Save the cost of checks, postage, and envelopes.
  • Payment Simplified
    Simplify bill-payment processing and record retention.
  • Centralized function
    Centralize and streamline all your bill-payment functions.
  • Full Access
    Review bills and submit payments anytime you like.
  • Reduced Paperwork
    Reduce or eliminates filing and storing of paper.

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